She's back... .

Hey Everyone, Its good to be back!

Excuse my absence!! My website expired, eek!

Everything seems to always happen all the busiest time of the year though right?!! I can say this, I am so looking forward to creating more magic with my clients this holiday season! Capturing your holiday sessions, holiday parties, events, family gatherings, special portraits, and many more exciting visual history with everyone is the highlight of my holiday season (and yes that mean I better get a holiday card if I shot it)!!! This year I'm working on so many fun holiday projects that you’ll want to follow extra close! Make sure you’re following me and team on instagram at @ebenadrianproduction and my personal instagram account @ebenadrian, hit follow on Facebook where Ill be going live more often on set (WE ARE HAVING A BLAST). You’ll get updates linked to the blog with more exclusive photos from our cool projects! I am not so surprised to see a peak in volume with my boudoir bookings after sharing more behind the scenes content from my boudoir sessions from the location to the sexy lingerie teasers. If you’re thinking about doing a holiday session for boudoir specifically please fill out the contact form for my annual Boudoir Marathon if we couldn’t fit you in this holiday season. As far as winter minis go, I am offering half sessions until the second week of December, but no holiday mini set. After 7 years of doing minis ill be sad to see these go, but more excited to spend more time customizing a more personalized and unique experience for each of our clients.

With that being said, Time change… ohhh sweet time change, You can go back to where you came from and Santa, a new espresso machine please! This is the time of the year when session have to be wrapped up by 4:30pm or you best have a flashlight so make sure you’re on time to your session please!

This year especially I have so much to be THANKFUL for. Welcoming our new family members AND my new TEAM members I cannot be more excited to see what 2019 holds for us and our clients as well. Thank you all for such a fabulous year so far and it was so great meeting, connecting, collaborating, and sharing with all of you. For the followers who have yet to receive an Eben Adrian Production and are just on lookers or fans, you bet were thankful for you too, thanks for your love and support!

Eben & Team!